Ways to pray before Election Day


Kentuckians have almost survived another season of campaign ads and all that comes with it.

Back in early October we ran a story about a call to prayer and fasting on the day before the election. The challenge was issued by the Public Affairs Committee of the Kentucky Baptist Convention.

As you consider participating in this important endeavor, here are three ways you could pray.

Pray people will vote.

One of the greatest freedoms we have as Kentuckians and Americans is voting. We have the right to decide who will govern us. While there is controversy from time to time, most of our elections are free and fair. Yet, the Secretary of State is projecting just three in 10 Kentucky voters will vote on Nov. 5. That is a shame. Pray people will learn about the candidates and head to the polls on Tuesday.

Pray for perspective.

Many Kentuckians are facing a weighty decision as they head to the polls. It’s no secret the state’s pension system is a mess. It affects thousands of Kentucky households. This election is causing people to dig deep to decide which weighs more - fiscal or social issues - as they make final decisions for the ballot. Why not reinvest your social media time to pray for one another this weekend? Pray people will consider the implications of political leadership on the whole of society.

Pray for peace.

Sometimes we mistake peace for a lack of war. That is one part of peace, but there is much more. Peace is seeking good for someone else.

When Jesus entered the world, the angels declared God’s desire for peace on earth and good will toward humanity. The peace God desired was not a sentiment. It was an action. The Savior was in the world. He could redeem and restore humanity. Christians are called to follow the example of Jesus as we seek the restoration of all things.

As you prepare to go to the voting booth on Tuesday, would you spend a few minutes praying for wisdom and God’s intervention in this process? What a blessing to live in a commonwealth where we can choose our own political leaders.

Even more, what a blessing to know there is a divine Creator who cares about that choice.

BRANDON PORTER is the communications director for the Kentucky Baptist Convention.


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