Secretary of state encourages more early voting


FRANKFORT, Ky. (KT) - Secretary of State Michael Adams is encouraging Kentucky voters to take advantage of early voting opportunities and vote before Tuesday.  Early voting is still available on both Saturday and Monday statewide.

“Rather than one election day, we’ve given voters 19 election days,” said Adams.  “This increases voter convenience and enhances public safely by facilitating social distancing.  However, it will not work unless voters take advantage of it.  Otherwise, we’ll have long lines on Nov. 3, with all the problems that may entail.”

Adams traveled to Eastern Kentucky and to Lexington this week to promote early voting, two areas where early voting has not met expectations.  Adams estimated that only half of Fayette County voters who intend to vote in-person did so in the first 15 days of in-person voting, leaving some 40,000 voters there to vote in-person there in just the next few days.

Fayette isn’t the only county falling behind in early voting.  Pike, Boyd and Perry Counties only have a 12% turnout for early in-person voting as of Thursday, in an election in which turnout nearing 70% is expected.

“Voting early is the same as voting on November 3, except the lines will be shorter,” Adams said. “If you won’t vote early for your own convenience, please do it for our poll workers, who are in for a long day as it is.”

The number of potential voters has been increasing.  As of September 30, 3,565,428 Kentuckians were registered to vote, a jump of 47,861 registered voters since the end of August. 

“I’m pleased so many Kentuckians have registered to vote, and they’ll find that we’ve made voting easier than it’s ever been before,” Adams stated. “Based on this surge of registration, we expect a high turnout and again encourage voters to vote early rather than create long lines on Nov. 3.”

In this same time period, 6,633 ineligible voters were removed from the voter rolls. These include voters who have died, been convicted of a felony, or moved out of state.

Currently, Democratic registrants represent 46.9% of the electorate with 1,672,380 registered voters.  Democratic registration increased by 1,591 since August 31, a 0.10% increase.  Republican registrants total 1,568,690, or 43.9% of voters, with an increase of 35,595 registered voters, a gain of 2.32% since August 31.  Voters represented under all other affiliations, fall right at 9% of the total, and saw an increase of 10,675 registrants, or a 3.4% rise since August 31.  


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