Considering old vs. new


Spring: a time where everything is all brand new. Or most everything…

With all the cute baby bunnies and lambs frolicking about, I am certain there are some tired, old mama rabbits and sheep out there. They are probably still picking up plastic egg halves and discussing grass-stains removal. Heaven knows it takes a village for those adorable Easter pictures.

It’s a brave new world. No longer do we drag children through endless department store aisles for character building exercises and spring’s seersucker outfits. Now, the perfect dress, quick shipping, and simple return policy are only a click away. And I’m not sure I like this.

In a day where we take something new and try and make it look old (Annie Sloan chalk paint is my favorite), I have an age-old question. Which is better: old or new?

We love the smell of a new car, but there’s just something about an old truck. Women would throw a party for the perfect pair of jeans, but we refuse to part with our worn-out sweat pants. A true ballplayer understands the poetic value of a broken-in, battle-tested mitt, but also begs for the newest bat. There are fewer pulmonary issues and major conveniences with gas logs, but they pale in romantic comparison to a crackling wood fire. Puppies are cute, but old dogs know better than to eat all of the Reese’s Eggs….

It seems we get the most joy out of materials attached to memory, but there’s also something to the promise of the pristine. I’m convinced it’s what we make of what we have. I can both enjoy a Kroger Clicklist trip and the frugality of being flea-market fancy. Our mischievous puppy wakes me up too early, but he’s not in the market for a new home. 

So, which is it? Old or new? I’ve seen beautiful sunrises and breathtaking sunsets—and I can’t pick a favorite.

Neena Gaynor is a Kentucky wife, mother, daughter and beekeeper who does life in Owensboro. She also writes on her blog at and can be reached via email at


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