KBC leader responds to governor's recommendation concerning coronavirus


LOUISVILLE, Ky, (KT) - On Wednesday, Gov. Andy Beshear recommended churches cancel services this Sunday because of the coronavirus.

Most Kentucky Baptist church leaders respect our Governor and his office and will take his request to consider canceling services seriously. However, most will likely consult their leadership and opt to continue on with the services as planned.

It appears that most Kentucky Baptist church leaders are planning to carry on with their regularly scheduled services unless things change between now and Sunday.

Several Kentucky Baptist pastors will urge additional precautions by asking those who are sick to please stay home and those who are concerned to feel free to also stay home. Several of our churches offer live streaming of their services and will encourage concerned or sick members to watch from home.

Kentucky Baptist churches are autonomous, and most churches have systems in place as it relates to canceling services. Some will follow the school system meaning that if classes are canceled then they will consider canceling services. Others will meet with their deacons, elders, or staff and decide. While others will plan to continue forward unless they discover a strong sense from key leaders that they may need to cancel services.

If I was pastoring a church today, I would do the following to shepherd the flock as it relates to Sunday services and the current state of the Coronavirus:

  1. I would ask those who are sick to please stay home which is good for them and good for the congregation.

  2. I would encourage those who are concerned to also feel free to stay home.

  3. If our church did not offer live streaming of our services, I would enlist the help of those with technical skills to help us make that service available to our church members and others.

  4. I would see to it that we have plenty of hand sanitizer available and that our facility was thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

  5. I would urge church members to avoid shaking hands and hugging (though many of them would forego that advice).

  6. Having done all that I would continue to monitor the situation, consult with my leadership, pray for wisdom, and prepare to preach the gospel to those in attendance at the upcoming service.

 As for the Reach Conference scheduled for March 16-17 at Walnut Street Baptist Church in Louisville, we plan to carry on as planned with precautions. We will be in touch with our out-of-town speakers to assure they are still able to join us. We will also ask those who are sick to please stay home.


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sund haney

This is political against those who oppose abortion. Why not close the bingo parlors, race tracks senior citizens center as well as gyms, swimming pools and jump centers where little children touch everything.?

No, he asks for closing those who oppose abortion.

It is the governor's fault this is in Ky.

He should have quarantined the lady returning from ITALY instead of sending her to work at the deli in Walmart. This closure is also an effort to deflect attention away from that fact.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

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