Impromptu mission trip has some hallelujah moments


LEITCHFIELD, Ky. (KT) – Pastor Steve Hill received some pre-Easter encouragement with an impromptu mission trip to Fort Worth, Texas.

The pastor of Little Clifty Baptist Church in Leitchfield joined with some members of three other churches in the area this week to take supplies to assist with the Forth Worth area recovery from the winter storm.

Mostly, he said, it was personal hygiene and cleaning supplies that were needed. But while the supplies were much appreciated and needed, it was only part of the good news. Fourteen who went on the trip did some good old-fashioned witnessing in interesting ways, and Hill reported 75 to 100 souls being pulled into heaven.

That was a hallelujah moment for Hill.

“Easter looks a little brighter,” said Hill, who used a translator whom he had led to the Lord to help him preach the gospel message to the largely Hispanic community.

He said they had ordered Spanish tracts and Bibles but only the Bibles came. The tracts never came. 

“I went back to my old days at Fort Worth (where he pastored a church) and found a bilingual person, led her to Jesus and then asked her if she minded translating for me. It’s amazing how God showed up and worked.”

Hill said a deacon at his church in Leitchfield asked him about the people in this Fort Worth area who were hit hard by the winter storm. It was a predominantly low-income area.

“I told him maybe there was something we could do,” Hill said. “I called my friend (in Texas) who was in my church and asked him. He said his wife knew a 90-year-old woman who has a corner lot and she’d let us set up there.”

So after a long drive on Tuesday, they unloaded the truck and began witnessing to the community. They left to come home on Thursday.

“We hooked up with a young man who was in our youth group in Fort Worth,” Hill said. "He has a ministry in Forth Worth where he runs a rehab place with drug addicts, ex-cons and some others. The area he is in is very depressed.”

But what Hill found was openness to hearing the gospel, many of them through a translator.

They also witnessed to a Muslim couple who had driven up. The woman in the car understood English but her husband did not. Hill asked her if she would tell her husband what he was saying. She did and they both accepted the Lord. Hill and his wife were overjoyed and so was the Muslim woman, who threw her arms up in the air and praised God after making the decision.

“They never got out of the car, but she wanted to hear about Jesus,” Hill said. “She understood and she told her husband what I was saying. It was a glorious moment.”

Hill was still pumped up over the trip while coming home Thursday.

“It’s amazing,” he said. “Easter is a lot brighter this week for us after seeing all that.”


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