Happy Thanks-living to you!


My daughter’s been getting grief at work for decorating early. She put up a tiny Christmas tree and hung some garland a couple of weeks ago…before Thanksgiving-an abomination to some of her coworkers.

When criticized for her pre-decoration, she told them, “My Momma always says, ‘It’s Thanks-living instead of Thanks-giving,’ and that we should be thankful EVERY day!” (I was so proud. I hadn’t thought she was even listening!)

Decades ago, my then-pastor, Steve Rice, preached a “Thanks-living” sermon that got my attention. (We were good friends, so I teased him with “Happy Thanks-living!” for weeks after!)

Though I joked about it back then, it stuck with me. And you know what? He was right! As believers in and followers of Christ, we should not just focus on what God does one Thursday in November. We should be thankful EVERY SINGLE DAY! So it really IS Thanks-living!

Many Americans keep their holidays compartmentalized. Halloween is observed in October, Thanksgiving in November. Then five minutes after the turkey is eaten, the Christmas season officially begins. Many are horrified when we begin the Christmas celebrating early. My son has said the Pilgrims are almost forgotten. I tell him I totally DON’T agree.

Without the Pilgrims and their courageous journey we wouldn’t even BE here! I picture the Pilgrim mothers often as they faced daily difficulties and fought for their very lives. Just the voyage with children is hard to imagine! They are my heroes and definitely an inspiration!

But there is One who inspires me more…He changed my life and I hope I never get over it! For His birthday, I like to get things ready early. I love so much of what His day brings. I love the magic of the whole season! People are kinder, more concerned for others, even strangers smile and greet each other with wishes of holiday joy. Red and green are my favorite colors!

How would you rate yourself with being thankful? Are you a complainer about what you DON’T have or do you see your blessings each day?

Think about it…and don’t be afraid to tell someone Happy Thanks-living! (They’ll be confused at first, but then you can explain.)

Happy Thanks-living to you and yours!


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