Frankfort watchers not left in dark, but enjoy ‘miracle’ of eclipse


FRANKFORT, Ky.  (KT) – Eclipse viewers in the Capital City weren’t totally in the dark on Monday, but they enjoyed the view anyway.


Frankfort, like Louisville and Lexington, had about 95 percent coverage of the sun and the temperature seemed like it dropped a couple of degrees, observers on the front step of the Capitol said.  The sky over Frankfort was marred slightly by some high, wispy cirrus clouds.

“It’s pretty amazing,” said Sarah Amburgey, an employee of the Legislative Research Commission who was watching with her family and co-workers.  “It just seems like a miracle.  I’m surprised there weren’t people out here watching.”

She was not disappointed that it didn’t get any darker than it did with that much of the sun covered by the moon.  “I think it shows you the power of the sun,” Amburgery said.
“Such a little crescent and it’s still daylight, although a little darker.”      

“It’s just an amazing experience,” said Stacy Autterson, who also works for the LRC. 

When asked if he would rather have been in Hopkinsville, which had the longest period of totality, he said, “That would have been an even better experience to see the total eclipse.  At 95 percent, like we have here, it’s amazing, but I think seeing the total eclipse would have been even more so.”

Twenty-one Kentucky counties experienced the total solar eclipse, or Great American Eclipse, as it was called by some. It was seen from Oregon to South Carolina.  But viewers won’t have to wait long for the next one.

A total solar eclipse will also have a lengthy path across the United States on April 8, 2024, running from Texas to Vermont, and including parts of west Kentucky.  Cities such as Paducah, which was also in the dark on Monday, and Henderson will experience totality.  Indianapolis and Cleveland will be near the center of the path. 


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