Book guides readers through spiritual weight loss journey


OWENSBORO, Ky. (KT) - A book written by a western Kentucky couple that combines weight loss with gospel truth has already done more than the authors could have imagined.

Imagine Not As Much
is an evangelist strategy to weight loss, said Nathan Whisnant, who penned the book along with his wife Tammy. Nathan is the Associational Missions Strategists in the Daviess McLean Baptist Association.

The book covers four fitness areas: nutritional, physical, motivational, and spiritual.  We also included a 13-week daily devotional to help people get a handle on losing weight and developing a relationship with Jesus Christ.

“Imagine only eating when you felt hungry, and not out of emotional distress or boredom. Imagine your A1C dropping along with your cholesterol and blood pressure,” Nathan said.  “Imagine having more energy than what you have had for years. Sound impossible? It’s not, because we have witnessed all of these things with people who have put into practice what they have learned in our book Imagine Not as Much.”

Now, imagine having an evangelistic strategy that lost and unchurched people ask to join, he said.  “We experienced this phenomenon as we taught weight loss classes featuring Imagine Not as Much at our local church.”

In nutritional fitness, the book helps readers discover how much to eat to lose weight, nutritious and delicious food choices, and how to handle special occasions like birthday parties and pot-luck dinners.  There isn’t any special food to buy with most of the recommendations from the book available at local grocery stories.

In physical fitness, the book introduces people to different types of aerobic, anaerobic and lifestyle physical activity.  In motivational fitness it covers how to get it into your head that you can lose weight, and that you will lose weight. 

“In spiritual fitness we share how you can begin and continue in a relationship with Jesus Christ,” he said.

Nathan related a story about a couple who went through the program at the recommendation of a doctor and the results were excellent.

“In their entire married life of 40 plus years they never attended church together until they walked through our doors,” Nathan said.  “They both lost weight.  During spiritual fitness we shared the gospel.  One rededicated his life to the Lord, and the other accepted Jesus as her Savior.  They later attended worship together at our church and joined; he through transfer of letter and she through baptism.”

The book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through the publisher Ambassador International. 


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