Big stuff: GracePointe delivers 10K Gospel to Every Home packages


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – When it comes to the gospel, Pastor Mark Bishop is always thinking big.

Real big.

Bishop and his energetic GracePointe Baptist Church wanted big for Easter. So they knocked on and passed out 10,000 Gospel to Every Home and 2,500 Easter invitation flyers covering a five-mile area.

“We covered nearly every home in Valley Station,” Bishop said. “We went within about 4 to 6 miles of the church. We got everything we could get and then went a little further.”

Bishop said trailer parks and apartment complexes were a good way to get the message out to a lot of people in a short period of time. But GracePointe sent out an army of volunteers to spread the good news in the neighborhoods.

“Three of the nights we had over 100 door-knockers,” Bishop said. “We’ve got a good church. They know they have to work hard to make up for how dumb I am.”

Bishop has led his church to be excited about presenting the gospel to neighbors and friends around the church. He said they printed out 2,500 Easter flyers and every one of them was distributed in only one evening.

“When you’ve got 60 or 70 teams out, if each team knocks on 40 to 50 doors, that’s 2,500 in a night,” he said.

The result was an Easter service where more than 1,300 heard the gospel message.

“We had to have multiple services and the last service was just like the old days,” he said. “We had an all-mask service, a Good Friday service, an early service and the regular service. It took four Easter services to get everybody in. My praise team, music team, altar team and nursery team all worked themselves to death, but there wasn’t any whining or complaining. They served with a smile and we were exhausted.”

The week started with door knocking, prayer and phone calls to everybody who had ever been to GracePointe, he said. On Thursday, the band prepped the music and discipleship classes met and prayed. Then the church had services Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Three big days with big results.

“The response was good,” said Bishop, who was taking some time off to hunt in Texas.

Bishop said the Gospel to Every Home is right up GracePointe’s alley, and from everything he has heard, the initiative has been well received churchwide. He encouraged other churches to get involved with it if they haven’t already.

“You get the sense that people are ready to come back to church,” he said. “We had some people from other churches (who weren’t meeting) at our service. We had visitors like those and visitors who were unchurched. There were 200 people I’d never met before in my life. The spirit was good in every service, which was amazing. We had people crying and laughing, and laughing at the right time when we told our jokes. They were into the service.”

The service was, in a word, big.

Mark Bishop wouldn’t want it any other way.


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