Bible Buddies helps church reach into Jackson community


JACKSON, Ky. (KT) – First Baptist Church of Jackson had a group of core leadership from their children’s ministry eager to do something for children and families during the pandemic.

With COVID taking away opportunities, they decided to make their own – literally.

They decided to produce their own teaching videos for the elementary school age children and Bible Buddies has become a community hit, said Pastor Jonathan Clemens.

“It has gotten a lot of community involvement, a lot of attention,” he said. “I’ve run into people in the community who started watching it and showing it to their kids.”

The productions are only about 20 minutes but drive home Bible lessons in creative ways. Clemens said they aren’t mean to be award-winning productions but more something fun. Although, he said, they’re getting pretty good at it.

He said about four members are at the core of the production, but they have been recruiting more and more. The pastor described the video as “kind of like skits.” They have fun with it, he said, and the children seem to be paying attention, which is the goal.

“It’s 100 percent homemade,” he said. “They’re not pretending to be a big YouTube production but it’s getting more and more polished. These are people they know from the community (watching it). That’s the gold in it.”

Clemens said they do cooking segments and even a man-on-the-street segment where they ask people in the community questions in a fun format that has become popular for viewers.

“Technology is not heavily used in this area,” the pastor said. “Even doing something on Facebook is cutting edge. It’s culturally different here but very engaging.”

Like many small towns, there is a strong sense of community in Jackson, he said. The church’s videos have become a hit after only a few weeks of producing them.

Clemens said the core group is excited about what has been happening with Bible Buddies and are already looking at expanding resources.

“I went to the downstairs office and we have an 8x6 green screen on the wall,” he said. “This is pioneering for us as I’m sure it would be for some other churches. In a year, it’s going to look a lot different because they have a lot of energy. It’s an example that each church has something they can be doing. Just grab it and run with it.”

The videos are available on Facebook under Bible Buddies.


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