Bevin, lawmakers in support of alternatives to reformulated gas


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) – Gov. Matt Bevin announced Wednesday he is strongly endorsing proposed legislation by four Louisville area lawmakers to explore alternatives to reformulated gasoline, or RFG, which drives up the price of gas in Jefferson County, as well as parts of Bullitt and Oldham counties, to meet clean air standards.

Rep. Thomas Huff of Shepherdsville is being joined by Rep. Russell Webber of Shepherdsville, along with Reps. Kevin Bratcher and Jason Nemes of Louisville, for a proposed resolution to be considered by the 2020 General Assembly, that would direct the Energy and Environment Cabinet to find an alternative way of complying with the Clean Air Act that does not require the use of reformulated gasoline

“The reformulated gas requirement is an outdated, financially burdensome regulation that needs to end,” Huff said in announcing the legislation earlier this month. “I am calling for our state’s Energy and Environment Cabinet to work toward a solution that balances environmental concerns with the need to stop overcharging our citizens at the pump.”

Bevin says he is joining the effort to end the forced use of RFG. “I call on Mayor Fischer to direct the Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District to move forward on finding the most cost-effective offsets that will help eliminate RFG and save the citizens of Louisville more than $73 million a year,” he said.

“The state stands ready to work collaboratively with the Air Pollution Control District to eliminate the reformulated gasoline requirement,” he continued. “We are committed to improving the air quality in the Louisville area, but reformulated gasoline now provides very little benefit in reducing smog-forming and toxic pollutants by comparison to other options, and it comes at great cost to our citizens. Alternative means of reducing emissions are available and affordable. Let’s work together to improve both our environment and our financial well-being.”

Since the 1990s, gas stations in the area have been under a federal requirement to sell more expensive gasoline, as part of efforts aimed at reducing ozone pollution. Northern Kentucky worked with the state energy cabinet and the federal government recently to end the requirement, reducing the cost of gasoline for their residents.

Bevin added that if approved by lawmakers, he will sign this legislation as soon as it is delivered to him, if action is not taken more quickly.


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