3,700 ‘deadbeat’ dads on Jefferson County attorney’s office list


LOUISVILLE, Ky. (KT) - While the Jefferson County Attorney’s office collected more than $61 million in child support payments last year, the amount owed by “deadbeat parents” stands at $96 million.

Jefferson County Attorney Mike O’Connell issued his annual delinquent child support list on Monday, which contains 4,272 names, 87 percent of whom are men (3,700).

According to O’Connell, the highest male arrearage is $521,659.04, by a man whose last known address was in Miami, Florida; while the largest by a female is $73,192.50, a woman whose last known address was Columbia, South Carolina.

“These amounts often build up over years and my staff works tirelessly to connect kids with the child support dollars that are rightfully theirs,” O’Connell said.

To get on the delinquent child support list, a deadbeat parent must owe over $1,000 and meet several other criteria:

-- Child support arrearage that equals or exceeds 6 months without a payment

-- Open IV-D case (a person has applied for our services)

-- Obligor is not incarcerated

-- The case is not pending closure

-- The obligor does not receive Supplement Social Security Income (SSI) as far as we know

-- At least one of the obligor’s cases has been audited

-- Mother and child reside in Jefferson County

His office has 154 child support employees, eight detectives and 15 attorneys to deal with over 55,000 open child support cases.

McConnell notes that child
support collection offers a strong return on investment of public dollars. For every $1 spent nationally, federal child support programs collect $5.33. That figure rises to $6.32 for every $1 spent in Kentucky.

“We need your help to find these individuals who are not meeting their obligation to their kids,” he said. “Please call, visit or email my office if you know the address or the employer of someone on this year’s delinquent child support list.”   

Anyone with information that could help locate someone on the list should call the Jefferson County Attorney’s child support tip line at (502) 574-0821, go online to
www.louisvilleky.gov/countyattorney  or visit the office's Child Support Division at 315 W. Muhammad Ali Blvd. in Louisville.


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Kel Smitty

People should take care of their children financially, physically, emotionally, and otherwise. But I find it strange that a list of majority men, but some women is released the week of Father’s Day every year and the paper calls it a list of “Deadbeat Dads”.

Thursday, June 13

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