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OPINION: Are casinos compatible with a commonwealth?

Arguments of casino advocates won the day in the state Senate Tuesday. They were told that redefining the term pari-mutuel to include video slot machines is necessary to save the horse industry and help all things thoroughbred related.

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Wanting to be back in jail

I’ve never wanted to go to jail so much in my life!  Legally, of course.  Stupid COVID shut down all Bible studies there like a steel trap.

FIRST PERSON: Misinformation vs. Disinformation

Ever feel like we live in an environment where individuals are far too willing to believe the worst and far too unwilling to do the hard work of determining whether the story is true? Misinformation and disinformation may be to blame.
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A citizen's lament

While I fully understand this world is not our home and the United States has not always lived up to its noblest ideas, nevertheless I cannot quit thinking about one thing that was lost last …

What taking a knee means

I  read an article in Kentucky Today about University of Kentucky players and staff taking a knee during the national anthem prior to their win over the Florida Gators. My retired-pastor friend …

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