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EDITORIAL: Bill limiting no-knock warrant should become law

As the sad one-year anniversary of the death of Breonna Taylor draws near, the Kentucky General Assembly is considering a piece of legislation that would place strict limitations on so called no-knock warrants.

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Wanting to be back in jail

I’ve never wanted to go to jail so much in my life!  Legally, of course.  Stupid COVID shut down all Bible studies there like a steel trap.

EXPLAINER: Federal Court strikes down discrimination against religious student groups on college campus

In a unanimous decision, the federal court for the 8th Circuit held that administrators at the University of Iowa are violating the First Amendment by removing Christian, Muslim, and Sikh student organizations for choosing student leaders who share the group’s mission and values. The court’s ruling of InterVarsity v. University of Iowa follows a series of recent decisions that uphold the First Amendment’s free exercise clause and specifically rejects skewed applications of anti-discrimination policies based on a leader’s viewpoints. 
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A citizen's lament

While I fully understand this world is not our home and the United States has not always lived up to its noblest ideas, nevertheless I cannot quit thinking about one thing that was lost last …

What taking a knee means

I  read an article in Kentucky Today about University of Kentucky players and staff taking a knee during the national anthem prior to their win over the Florida Gators. My retired-pastor friend …

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